The Oxford Guild of Assassins

Once Freshers’ Week is over, it’s easy to get into a rut. No matter how compelling your tutors, how overjoyed you are at the new intellectual world you encounter, sooner or later you’ll wake up for another lecture and the world will be a grey and boring place. Yet there is a solution.

With the Assassins Guild, Oxford will never be a dull place. Every moment of your life you will know the thrill of watching your back for maniacs armed with nerf guns, itching to have your blood on their hands. Stalk through the halls of academe, waiting for your prey to make a false move. Make the alleys of the town free-fire zones for the unwary.

About Us

The Oxford Guild of Assassins are a lovely bunch of people who like to launch daring midnight raids, carry attack animals, write operatic kill reports and generally have a lot of fun!

Each term we run a number of ‘Games’ where assassins compete all week to earn the most points eliminating their foes. Team up with other assassins, work with them, fight by their side, and betray them; all in the name of becoming the top assassin. We also have some more peaceful events like Murder Mysteries and socials. To see what we are doing this term, please look at our termcard.

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If a week of getting to know people because they’re standing outside your door with an attack otter sounds interesting, complete a disclaimer, and pidge it alongside the £2 fee to Erin English (Wadham College) or Jack Harrison (University College) for lifetime membership.


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For more information or to ask any questions please contact our Guildmaster: Jack Harrison (University College) at .