Zombies 2017

News, April 2017: The Faculty of Parabiotic Sciences is delighted to announce that we have succeeded in genetically modifying quokkas to make them even more cuddly, following a series of innovative and in no way unethical experiments.

Recent media-fuelled rumours that the side effects of this genetic modification will include a virulent flesh-eating zombie virus are completely unfounded.

We are now looking for volunteers to test-cuddle the adorable quokkas ("Batch A"). Of course, these volunteers will be in the firing line should any unfortunate side-effects arise...but that totally won't happen. Obviously.

Yours scientifically,

Dr Quokka, B.Sc.(Hons.), Ph.D., G.C.S.E., O.M.G., F.R.S.L.O.L. Chair, Faculty of Parabiotic Sciences, Oxford University.


This game will be happening during Monday to Saturday of 3rd week (8th May to 13th May). Assassins will be competing in teams against other playing assassins.

Signing Up

To sign up to play in the game, please send an email to umpire@oxfordassassinsguild.org.uk containing the following information:

If you're not already a member of the Guild, you are also required to pidge a disclaimer to Erin English at Wadham College, alongside the lifetime membership fee of £2. You will not be included in the game until all of the above have been received.

Sign-ups for the game will close at 23:45 on Sunday 7th May.


For anyone who hasn't played a game with us before, you'll need to pick a pseudonym, by which you will be referred. Most assassins keep this name across all games they play; examples of those used by the current Cabal are: Sephiroth, Kharn, Mephistopheles, Zris Quokka, Kylar Stern, Ender and DNA386.


The rules for the game can be found here. Please ensure that you read them all before the start of the game; they are important for both your safety, that of those around you, and to ensure that we can keep running as a Guild.

Note especially the specific rules for this game, most notably that you may become a zombie, so it's best you have a melee weapon available just in case.

For more information or to ask any questions please contact the umpire for this game: Alexander Hardwick (Magdalen) at the umpire's email adress umpire@oxfordassassinsguild.org.uk.